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About Us

Our committments:

ITJ-DL is committed to:

  • A range of educational modalities, understanding that individuals have a range of learning styles such as visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic.

  • Educational opportunities using state-of-the-art distance learning tools to allow Jews and those seeking to become Jews, a range of Introduction to Judaism learning opportunities at different levels of knowledge (basic, intermediate, advanced).

  • The highest levels of Judaic involvement through intensive professional college/graduate school level Judaic learning with the assumption those turning to us are starting from no or limited Jewish knowledge.

  • Being a gateway into the larger Reform, Reconstructionist Conservative, Renewal Jewish movements. 

ITJ-DL can and will help you in your Jewish spiritual and religious journey.

  • ITJ-DL is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Rabbi Stephen Roberts, MBA, BCC which views its Jewish religious mission as helping to sustain Judaism and increase Judaic knowledge using 21st Century distance learning tools, while helping individuals to find their religious place in the larger Jewish community.

  • The organization’s focus is to allow those choosing or currently within Judaism to grow in both their Judaic knowledge and Jewish worship using modern technology.

BIO - Rabbi Stephen Roberts, MBA, BCC