Welcome to ITJ-DL: Introduction to Judaism Distance Learning

Weekly Topics for 18 Week Basic Course


1) Introduction to Judaism, the Jewish People and Jewish Belief - "Go Forth and Learn"

2) The Many Faces & Names of God/Higher Power/The Source

3) “What” is a Jew? & “What are: Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox Jews?” 

4) An Introduction to Shabbat – THE Ultimate Jewish Holiday

5) Overview of Jewish Calendar and Holidays PLUS Fall High Holy Days

6) Pilgrimage Holidays - Passover, Shavuot, Sukkot

7) Remaining Jewish Holidays

8) Introduction: "Torah – The Way to God” (Torah, TaNaCh, Midrash, Rashi)

9) Torah – Continued: Rabbinic Literature -Mishnah, Talmud, Aggadah

10) Mitzvah & G’milut Chasadim - Being Created "In the Image"

11) Avodah – Worship – An Introduction

12) We are Liturgical - Our Prayer Books 

13) The Synagogue – A Tour 

14) An Introduction: Birth through Bar/Bat Mitzvah

15) An Introduction: Marriage & Divorce Jewish Style

16) Death - Theology - What do Jews believe? Afterlife? Messiah?

17) Death - Practices around

18) Israel: The People, The Place, The Connection

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